Locating fibre optic cable


The best practice for installation of fibre optic cable is to have tracer wire laid with the cable or with metallic tape on top with proper grounding. Then locating method is similar to that of locating a metal pipe. In the event there is non but a conduit or ducting is present, check whether there is any access to the pipe and ample space for insertion of a signal sonde or flexitrace. With an electromagnetic pipe cable locator (CAT4+, RD7100 or RD8100) and a suitable sonde, it will works like any other lcoating. Also see our detection method for PVC or non-metallic pipe in our application note for more information. 

If the electromagnetic pipe cable locator does not work in your case i.e. no access to to pushrod in a flexitrace or signal sonde, the other option is to use Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR. MALA Easy Locator HDR or Pro is a non-intrusive ground scanner whereby it sends pulses into the ground and gets reflected back to the antenna's element.

With optional post-processing software, MALA Object mapper offers features such as visualization of several radar profiles simultaneously, filtering of data and report editor to mark and visuzalize objects on a map. 

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