Getting the right equipment for the job can be confusing and time consuming. Most of the time we find that operator are not getting it right therefore have wasted their time, money and worst of all a business opportunity. We have decided to prepare a list of possible applications for various equipment for your easy reference and information.


Application for underground utility Survey


  Utility Survey


  1. Pre-locate before excavation 
  2. Underground utility locating and mapping
  3. Locating fibre optic cable
  4. Locating PVC or non-metallic pipe
  5. Locating missing manhole cover/valve 

Application for pipeline inspection


  1. Inspecting lateral and smaller pipe
  2. Sewer pipeline inspection using crawler system
  3. Visual inspection on welding work in pipeline
  4. Wincan software for WRc pipeline reporting

Application for water leak detection

  Water Leak

  1. Detect water leak in pressurize pipe
  2. Locating water leak in large area/network
  3. Permanent monitoring for water leak
  4. Getting Leak information real time 

Application for controlling and monitoring water flow and pressure

  Water Flow
  Controller &

  1. Using pressure controller to reduce leak 
  2. Controlling water pressure according to demand
  3. Water Level monitoring
  4. Open channel monitoring 

Application for energy and building management

  Energy &

  1. Automated Meter Reading

Application for pipe cleaning and repair

  Pipe Cleaning
  & Repair

  1. Pipeline point repair
  2. High pressure water jetting for cleaning pipeline

Application for open channel and level monitoring

  Level Monitoring

  1. Reservoir Monitoring
  2. Open channel monitoring