Xmic is an advanced, easy to use electronic ground microphone.

Xmic detect and amplifies the noise created by leaks in pressurised pipes, the leak position can be verified by surface sounding for ground surveying or prior to any excavation and repair being carried out. This speed up repair of the leak, reduces repair costs and ensures that disruption to the water supply is minimised.


Simple and Straight Forward Operation

Xmic user friendly filter settings automatically sets filters for the pipe material. To further suppress background noise and find difficult leaks, experienced operators can choose to use manual filtering allowing them to filter band width to be positioned anywhere within the filter range. (The selected band width is displayed graphically.)


MLP – Minimum Level Profiling

MLP checks the readings over the previous 3 seconds and memorises the lowest noise level, the constant background (leak) noise. As the sensor is moved, a series of readings are taken the last ten readings are memorized and displayed digitally and graphically to clearly show the leak position.


High Noise Suppression

Xmic features a ‘cut –off’ at high noise levels to ensure operator comfort and safety.


Key features

•  Automatic or manual filtering to suppress background noise and target leak noise. 

•  Lightweight, easily portable system

•  Large backlit multi-function display perfect for night work

•  ‘Analogue’ style moving meter gives quick representation of noise level trends.

•  Levels of leak noise can be recorded for comparison in a histogram profile (MLP).

•  Easy to use magnetic hand probe (optional)

•  Long battery life

•  Rechargeable 

•  Noise level graphically and digitally

•  High noise level suppression for user comfort & safety