MALÅ Concrete Explorer (CX)


MALÅ Concrete Explorer (CX) is an easy-to-use GPR system designed for the non-destructive investigation and imaging of concrete and other man-made structures.

The cutting, coring or drilling of concrete structures requires a safe and reliable means of inspection work to locate and identify hidden metallic or non-metallic features that could cause damage to machinery, pose a danger to the operator or the structure itself during these activities.

MALÅ CX system allows you to scan concrete structures simply and safely in 2D and 3D. This enables quicker, safer and more cost-effective data acquisition compared to traditional radiographic testing methods.

With its simple user interface and functional software features, the MALÅ CX offers a unique powerful choice for your high frequency GPR investigations.



3D software included

Solution packaged in a single rugged case

Compatible with MALÅ’s 5 different HF antennas



Typical Applications

Concrete investigations

Reinforcement studies

Road mapping

Quality assurance






   Concrete Explorer Brochure   (2.3MB)

   Concrete Explorer Technical Specificiation  (591KB)