RD-Palmer Technology strength derived from our strong partnership with our principals. With the strong support and our commitment to improve the safety and efficiency within the related industry we are serving, RD-Palmer will continue to drive the industry with the best technology in the market.


Radiodetection Ltd

Radiodetection is part of SPX Corporation. Founded in 1970, Radiodetection design and manufactured a wide range of product including tools for damage prevention to buried services; powerful video systems for pipeline inspection; high-performance dehydrators and cable-test products for telecoms; and our solid-state sensors business.

Headquartered in Bristol, UK, Radiodetection commitment to the customer is the foundation of Radiodetection's success. This, combined with design innovation and a skilled and dedicated workforce have produced a range of products that are an essential part of utility workers and contractors lives throughout the world. Radiodetection maintains a strong practice of ongoing development of products and commercial research.

Every product in the Radiodetection range is designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Radiodetection’s manufacturing operations are ISO 9001 accredited, and its products benefit from a range of approvals in specific industries.

To back up this commitment to excellence, Radiodetection customers benefit from an extensive service and technical support program. With complete customer support, repair and parts facilities located around the globe, clients have access to "hands-on" advice and consulting.


Guideline Geo AB

MALA Geoscience is a world leader in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and had since 1980s been innovating many first ever GPR system in the market. MALA is the first ever to introduce GPR array system, the first ever Modular and Parallel processing GPR, the first ever True 3D GPR Solution and recently the first ever GPR with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology.

In year 2012 MALA under Guideline Geo was consolidated with ABEM, another of its subsidiary to offer unparalleled technical expertise, innovative solutions and world-leading global brands.

Headquartered in Sweden, Guideline Geo provide complete solutions and applications expertise around the globe in four key growth areas: detecting and mapping groundwater, environmental and geological risk assessments, infrastructure site investigations and mineral exploration.



HWM-Water Ltd

HWM-Water Ltd design and manufacture monitoring and telemetry equipment for water, wastewater and gas networks, together with telemetry AMR and facilities optimisation products.

HWM primary focus for over 30 years has been clean water and network distribution system monitoring, however in the last few years they have expanded into new sectors which include gas, water and electricity meter consumption, gas network monitoring and sewer, river and flood monitoring. Its solutions have had a significant impact in helping our customers save time, effort, natural resources, energy and cost.

HWM incorporates the successful product ranges of Palmer, Radcom and Radio-Tech to produce some of the world's most advanced, accurate and easy to use wireless monitoring and measuring equipment. 

Its manufacturing facilities and head office are based in the UK, with a sister company ASL based in Northampton.