Pipeline Inspection and Asset Management Software

Meeting all your needs for pipeline inspection. The Pearpoint range of survey equipment is designed for municipal, industrial, manufacturing, petrocheical and residential applications.



Radiodetection and Pearpoint provide a wide array of Pushrod and Crawler pipeline inspection systems. These range from the intrinsically safe P374 crawler system suitable for Zone 0 explosive environments to the compact and rugged flexiprobe, which offers interchangeable cameras, sharp digital images and in-built compact flash card video recorder.



P340 flexiprobe

Rugged pushrod system used in a wide range of pipeline inspection applications from domestic to industrial.


P350 flexitrax

Modular inspection system that give operators the ruggedness, portability and functionality to meet their day to day operation.

MALÅ concrete explorer GPR system

P374 Pushrod-IS

Pearpoint P374 IS is an intrinsically safe pushrod sewer camera certified to EEX for Zone 0 Hazardous environments.

MALÅ concrete explorer GPR system

P571 flexicoiler - EX

A fully integrated, stand-alone pushrod inspection system designed for use in potentially explosive pipeline environments..

MALÅ concrete explorer GPR system

Wincan VX

Your choice of Asset Management Software. Collect, analyze and store all your data in one place.

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